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Bob Stewarts offers our patrons Gluten Free & Vegan menus.  Please contact us before you dine to discuss our menus.  Our chefs are ready and willing to accommodate your food preferences.

Welcome to Bob Stewarts (Not Robbie Stewarts) old Bob would turn in his grave if he heard his pub referred to by that name. The only thing we invite you to bring apart from the financial means with which to avail of our products and services in our premises, is your intellect. By this we do not require this to be a high brow affair, rather to be able to partake in the cut & thrust of public house banter. Drumbeg affords countryside living within a spit of the City of Belfast, hence the different atmosphere we may on occasion offer our patrons.

On a more serious note take heed –  we can not permit persons who have not attained their 18th birthday onto these premises, regardless if it is for the purpose of consuming food or not. This is the LAW as under the 1996 Intoxicating Liquor Laws (NI). This is NOT a house policy, rather the law of the land.