Here is a bit of history to Robert Stewarts
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Robert Stewarts Spirit Grocer more familiarly known as Bob Stewarts has not always been the only licenced premises nestling in the hamlet of Drumbeg.
In the year 1620 it has been recorded that there was a premises called “The Bell Inn”. This establishment was located on the present day site of the “Lych Gate” (covered archway to the grounds of Drumbeg Parish Church).
The Bell Inn would have been a more welcoming establishment to the weary traveller, who wanted to stay overnight and change horses, perhaps for example on route to the southern areas of Ireland.
Then Circa 1748 and the first mention of the “Ale Cottage”, this being the very spot that Robert Stewarts is now located. The “Ale Cottage” was more of a humble dwelling that sold mostly poteen etc to poverty stricken locals. Gin, whiskey and wines were beyond the reach of the peasant class in those hard times.
The year 1818 is the first mention of “Bryce Stewart Publican Drumbeg” in the Parish Church graveyard records. An Isaac Stewart in 1856 is mentioned in the old court licensing papers. In 1896 court records again mention a Robert Stewart who in turn had a son called Robert who operated the premises until his death in 1966.
Be cognisant that on the road that runs by the front door of Robert Stewarts the great, the good and the not so good travelled to and fro in times gone by out of Belfast, via Malone, Drumbeg, Lisnagarvey (Now Lisburn) and onwards to the South.
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